The AAE Signature Lines

of Essential Soap

Gift Box Sets


Assorted Soap Gift Box Set Sale: $30 Value for $15.99

The Essential Lines of Soaps offered by Absolutely Anything Essential offers the Perfect Gift featuring 10 assorted essential and fragrance oil visitor size soaps.

$30 value for $15.99 which includes free US shipping.

Essential Oil and Fragrance selections in each box may contain: Lemon Mixer, Apple, Mint Mixer, Cool Basil, Amber Cream, Lemongrass, Mix & Mingle, Apricot, Pear & Peach, Lavender, Vanilla, Citrusy Sweet and Today’s Mix.

Soaps included in our boxes are shea butter and vegetable glycerin based. And some contain coffee and/or oatmeal.

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Orders will be shipped within 7 business days. When making payment please state entire mailing address. For more information email: