Bath and Body Scrubs


Bath and Body Scrubs

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Absolutely Anything Essential’s Aromatherapy Body Soaks and Scrubs, made with charm and your choice of 100% Essential Oils or Fragrances will be your favorite pick if you long to have a calming or energizing environment for the right moment. Our soaks offer robust fragrances with more infused oil within each product.
These Aromatherapy bath soaks and scrubs are due to bring balance to your atmosphere, exfoliates and moisturizes your skin. Noted as being safe for most people and children. 

All scrubs, soaks and teas come with an Eco Friendly 6" Wood Spoon made of smooth birchwood thats 100% Compostable.

*Please use precaution with the amount of scoops of our bath soaks you are adding of your bath water. Tub may be slippery.

*Not recommended for pregnant women.

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